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Man sends card from beyond the grave

Office joker has last laugh

Man sends card from beyond the grave

It’s surprising that there’s not already a line in posthumous greetings cards, to go alongside dog birthdays and ‘wishing you a spectacular colonoscopy’.

But ever the office wag, deceased ad executive Bob McCully of Pittsburgh decided to send his co-workers a greeting from beyond the grave.

McCully died in August aged 88, so his colleagues were naturally surprised when they received a Christmas card from him.

‘Hello, please don't call. I recently moved to a quiet neighborhood and …’ it began, before opening to reveal a picture of the Allegheny Cemetary gates in Lawrenceville where he is buried.

‘My new place doesn't have a phone and our gates close after dark,’ it continued. McCully, seemingly, was big on sending amusing Christmas cards, with a different theme every year. This year it was his own demise.

“It was dark humor, but it was very funny,” Newell said of the latest card. “It had a certain whimsy that took the darkness away. Bob certainly got the last laugh.”


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