Man Fired for Using Forklift On Vending Machine


It's one of life's most frustrating (first world) problems. Watching your chocolate bar get snagged on the curly tongs of a vending machine and hover listlessly above the drop.

Normally, we'd just buy another one and hope it pushes out the stuck bar, but that was too simple for Robert McKevitt of Milford, Iowa.

When his Twix got stuck, he used an 8000lb (3628Kg) forklift truck to try and get it out.

He allegedly picked up the vending machine six times, dropping it nearly two feet on to a concrete floor. McKevitt admits using the forklift to move the machine, but denies dropping it.

He told the Des Moines Register "That machine was trouble...they fired me, and now I hear they have all new vending machines there."

At least if he'd used it for a Penguin he could have accurate claimed that he was just trying to ppppppick it up.

[via BBC]

(Images: Shutterstock)