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Malcolm Tucker is coming back to give his thoughts on Brexit

The hero we need right now

Malcolm Tucker is coming back to give his thoughts on Brexit

Good old Malcolm Tucker - The Thick Of It’s foul-mouthed, insult-hurling extraordinaire, slanging acerbic curse-words left, right and fucking centre, a potty-mouth-piece for Armando Ianucci. What a character.

But the last time we saw him was waaaay back in 2012, when dinosaurs ruled the earth. As such, we haven’t heard his sure-to-be-explicit views on certain current political events, like, you know, Brexit - the big political enchilada, the enchilada in the room, the prospective withdrawal of the enchilada from the European Union.

But hey, as is often the case with popular characters, it’s highly likely that he’ll be brought out of retirement to chuck his hilarious vitriol our way, and happily let us know what he thinks about today’s dire state of affairs. How do I know this? Well, this gives us a clue:

I mean, it’s all very cryptic, but I like to hang onto things for dear life, putting all my trust in the tiniest of fleeting details, so I’m 100% convinced he’s coming back.

That said, Iannucci also tweeted this:

And Steve Coogan has signaled a return for Partridge, complete with a pro-Brexit stance for the character, so maybe I’m not so desperate to grab onto a tweet and let it entirely dictate my life for the rest of the day.

Still, if it doesn’t happen, at least I’ve got glorious super-cuts like this to tide me over until death:

(Image: BBC)