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This life hack will make sure you never forget your keys again

So simple, so effective

This life hack will make sure you never forget your keys again
28 February 2018

Losing stuff - you know what - it’s rubbish, isn’t it? Bloody crap. I don’t like it.

Bad things to lose are, in no particular order: your phone, your wallet, the very expensive jacket you borrowed from your housemate and promised you’d give back to them dry cleaned the next day, your keys, your passport; the Haribo cola bottle you’d been saving in your pocket for two weeks for a special occasion; your debit card.

Keys, though, are especially irritating, aren’t they? Very useful for getting into your house, I’ve found. It’s also very annoying when you’re running late for work, but can’t remember where you’ve put them the night before, and have to rush around frantically hurling couch cushions across rooms in an ultimately fruitless search (they were in your pocket the whole time, dumbass).

But, BUT, we’ve just discovered one of those ‘life hacks’ that will ensure you never forget them again, and it’s annoyingly simple. 

Reddit user opticianjuice wrote on the Life Hacks subreddit that it makes sense to leave your keys on top of an important item the night before, that way you’ll remember both the keys, and the item you need to take to work.

“I always forget to grab my prepared lunch before leaving for work. It doesn’t help that I’m always speeding out the door. So, I started leaving my car keys in the fridge in my lunchbox so I literally can’t leave without it,” he said.

But then commenters took this one further, saying it’s even better to leave your keys under these vital items.

That way, you’re less likely to forget the item, and you’ll pick it up before you get to your keys.


(Image: Pexels)