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Watch Liam Fox claim he never sent a tweet he doesn't realise is right behind him on a big screen

"It's behiiiiind you!"

Watch Liam Fox claim he never sent a tweet he doesn't realise is right behind him on a big screen

OK. ‘Politician lies’ isn’t exactly news. Indeed, in the Trump and Brexit-era, the sheer frequency and boldness of lying has increased more than ever before.

But normally, we find out about these ‘alternative facts’ in the aftermath of the whopper: when an eagle-eyed tweeter or commentator dutifully provides the evidence that what said politician has just confidently stated is, in fact, a load of old rubbish.

But rarely is an outright, blatant, complete lie exposed so beautifully and comprehensively as during this interview with Conservative MP Liam Fox, on the Sophy Ridge on Sunday show on Sky News.

It’s sensational.

Yes, your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you. Not once, but twice, Liam Fox denies sending a tweet, when the actual tweet itself – which is still live by the way – is on a giant screen directly behind him.

To add another layer of delicious irony, he states: “I didn’t put out the tweet [it’s literally behind you mate], I didn’t say that [that businessmen were lazy – he did, it was recorded], it does fit into an image, but it’s not an image set out by me, but set out by those on Twitter who are determined to do so.”

Fox, of course, is far from the most trustworthy MP in the world, given that he was found to have ‘enjoyed’ the largest over-claiming on expenses of any Shadow Cabinet Minister during the 2009 scandal, while he was forced to resign as Defence Secretary in 2011 after giving a lobbyist inappropriate access to the Ministry of Defence and to overseas trips.

Some were annoyed that Ridge failed to call Fox out on the blatant lie, while others appreciated the beauty of watching him condemn himself with his own words.

And just in case you were still doubtful that there might have been green screen trickery or the like:

Rarely has a politician so perfectly reminded us of The Fast Show’s Sir Geoffrey Norman.