Leonardo DiCaprio pranking Jonah Hill on the street is your bromance goal


When you're an Academy Award-nominated actor walking around a big city, it must be a minefield of social intrusion: all those paparazzi, all those smartphones, all those people who've actually won Oscars wanting to invade your personal space.

Imagine Jonah Hill's surprise when his Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio spotted him pottering around the streets of New York, legging it towards him holding his cameraphone in the spirit of a feverish TMZ reporter?

Known as a bit of a prankster, and clearly on his way to boy's poker night, Leo's moment of mirth understandably knocks Hill for six, as it soon dawns on the actor just who the man under that flat cap is.

Now please, nobody actually try this on Jonah Hill unless you know him. Or at the very least have as much epic bantz as Leo.