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Kit Kat just launched a luxury flavour with *chocolate cake* in it

My word...

Kit Kat just launched a luxury flavour with *chocolate cake* in it

Here’s your mildly interesting fact for today: Japan LOVES Kit Kats. Absolutely adores them. Thanks to a weird quirk of fate, the term Kit Kat roughly translates to the Japanese phrase for “Good Luck” (“Kitto Katsu” = “surely win”), so Kit Kats are traditionally given to school students just before they take exams.

Oh, and another thing about Kit Kats in Japan. They have sodding LOADS of them. Nearly 5 million of the chocolate treat are eaten every day, with over 80 different Kit Kat flavours on shelves at any point in time. Sweet, savory, vaguely alcoholic: if you can eat it (or sometimes drink it), there’s a Kit Kat variant of it in Japan – it’s estimated that Nestle have produced around 250 different flavours in total in Japan, with many only being available for a limited time before selling out.

Kit Kat’s newest flavour in Japan is a bit special, however. Dubbed the Chocolatory Gateau Mignon, the new Kit Kat boasts a piece of rich chocolate cake inside the biscuit. Developed by Japanese pastry chef Yasumasa Takagi, it took over a year to perfect the balance between soft gooey chocolate and biscuit wafer.

The bar is now being sold in Kit Kat’s newly revamped Chocolatory boutique in Toyko’s Ginza district. Yes, Kit Kat has its own store in Japan, we did tell you they loved them.

So fancy

The Kit Kat Chocolatory Gateau Mignon (sorry, we just love saying that name) will be available at a price of 1,458 yen (£10) for three special pieces, or six for 2,916 yen (£20).  

Anyone here off on holiday to Japan soon? Grab us a few boxes when you’re out there. Ta.