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Killer phone call strikes terror in Nigeria

Best let it ring out...

Killer phone call strikes terror in Nigeria
Danielle de Wolfe
15 September 2011

We've been told for many years now that spending time on our mobile phones is not good for our health. As well as transmitting some evil rays to our poor brains, having loud conversations on public transport also increases your chance of rightfully being assaulted.

But in Nigeria, a rather bizarre One Missed Call style urban legend has gained a worrying prominence. People have been receiving mysterious text messages warning of a killer phone number. When you receive a call with the ID 09141, it'll be the last one you ever get.

The texts have warned that between seven and ten people have already died from picking up the call. Nigerian authorities have been forced to confront the myth and put people's minds at rest.

"Technically, it is not possible for such a thing to happen. It is therefore unimaginable that somebody will die while receiving a call," commission spokesman Reuben Muoka said.

If you ask us, it could be retribution for all those spam emails. We're still waiting for a call from that millionaire prince...

(Image: Rex)