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People are sharing the reasons they've been kicked out of things and it's hilarious

Some truly appalling - and extremely funny - behaviour

People are sharing the reasons they've been kicked out of things and it's hilarious
14 May 2018

There’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling of seeing two bouncers of Goliath-esque proportions calmly but undeniably striding over towards you, as you protest your innocence that “no I didn’t mean to throw that drink over that girl, genuinely I was just celebrating a massive tune coming on and my hand accidentally collided with her but oh dear I appear to be too drunk to actually explain that that’s what happened and oh god the bouncer’s just picked me up and I’m definitely getting chucked out and - oh yep there it is my head connecting with the pavement and brilliant it’s raining and I’m soaked”.

Still, at least it’s a good story for the next morning when you’re wading through the hazy, drunken events of the night before - and luckily, it turns out that plenty of other people have had epic stories of being chucked out of things which they’re only too willing to share in the search for some sweet retweets.

Twitter user Brooke Rogers started the soul-bearing with this tweet reflecting on the behaviour of people on the social media network:

Before asking people to share the ‘best reason you’ve been kicked out of an event, building or group”.

Naturally, there were some absolutely cracking replies, ranging from celebrities to regular joes, all united in sharing their moments of shame, hilarity, unjustness and everything else in between.

Take it away guys…

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