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Just a few of the times Donald Trump has done a thing he criticised Barack Obama for

You heard it here first: the president is an idiot

Just a few of the times Donald Trump has done a thing he criticised Barack Obama for
07 April 2017

Donald Trump is not a smart man. 

His tweets, though, are a kind of art, if you’re a fan of performative idiocy. And because he seems to lack any kind of introspection, he never really deletes his public brainfarts of yore, even if his position on any given subject has demonstrably changed.

In other words, a lot of his old tweets are openly critical of Obama for actions Trump is now taking himself as president. The hypocrisy is amazing, but the brass neck is somehow better. 

In light of Trump’s sudden madcap decision to bomb a military base belonging to the Syrian government, here’s a shining example of the genre:

Donald Trump’s approval ratings are, of course, in a tailspin, and he seems to have started a bit of a war to get his numbers up. But in 2013, he was very much against intervening in Syria’s brutal, never-ending civil war.

If only he’d take his own advice eh?

But his hypocrisy extends beyond violent interventions into complex geopolitical clusterfucks; for a man constantly accused of violent sexual assault, Trump’s tweets on sexual assault are eye-opening. 

Perhaps his greatest hypocrisy hit is his changing opinions on the US electoral system.

For a short while, in 2012, it looked as though Obama would be re-elected president by winning the confusing American electoral college system, but not with more than 50% of the popular vote – something his successor was very worked up about at the time. That didn’t actually happen, however, until the next election, four years later, when Trump did indeed win at the electoral college despite winning almost three million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. Two tweets sent four years apart tell the whole story of the evolution of his opinions.

And then there’s the golfing. Obama’s love of golf and occasional weekend breaks became a massive right-wing meme: he apparently spent so much time on the course that he wasn’t fit to be president.

Trump has managed more than 12 golfing trips in the three months since he was inaugurated.

And here he is on intelligence leaks. In short, if it happens under Obama, he should be impeached. If it happens under him, heads must roll.

And here’s the old bait-and-switch he recently attempted in a vain effort to distract the horde of critics who believe he’s a puppet controlled by the evil Kremlin mastermind Vladimir Putin.

Of course.