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Just a cow that thinks it’s a dog

Just a cow that thinks it’s a dog

Just a cow that thinks it’s a dog

Animal traditionalists: you can cry about this story until the cows come home, because one's a canine.

Meet Beryl the Brahman, a cow that thinks it’s a dog, currently living it up with Aussie ranch owners Jake and Sally Webster in North Queensland and making Beethoven look like a poodle.

Taken in at two days old after her mother passed away giving birth, Beryl, now aged eight months, has grown up around two dogs, contributing to the sort of domestic habits that her breed doesn't usually pick up.

Regularly found watching daytime TV inside the couple’s living room, you can see more of her antics on a Facebook page which has been warming the cockles of social media users for a little while now. Which begs the obvious question.

Come on Hollywood, there’s got to be a Babe-esque farm story in here somewhere, with our heroine voiced by Dame Judi Dench or someone else similarly heavyweight.

For now though, let’s bask in the glory of this maverick animal.

That’ll do cow, that’ll do.