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Josh didn't invite Drake to his wedding and it's broken '90s kids' hearts

Snub me, brotha

Josh didn't invite Drake to his wedding and it's broken '90s kids' hearts

If, between the years of 2004 and 2007, you could often be found with your teenage butt parked on the sofa, drinking Sunny-D and watching Nickelodeon, prepare to have your heart broken into a million tiny pieces.

At the weekend, Josh Peck, of Drake & Josh fame, got married to his long-term girlfriend Paige O’Brien in California. So far so good, right? You’re happy for him! This is a nice story! Congrats, Josh!


After learning that Josh had got hitched over social media, and realising that he clearly hadn’t got the invite, Drake sent out a couple of now deleted tweets projecting his heartbreak to the world. It’s the “I’ll miss you brotha” that really gets us.

The saddest story ever told

Drake clearly wasn’t ready to let the brotherhood die, while Josh is over it. It’s been 10 years since the last episode, and he’s moved on with his life. To be fair, he’s far from being the same adorably awkward, chubby kid he was back in the ‘00s. I mean, look at this wedding photo.

Of course, anyone who watched Drake & Josh back in the day will remember that Drake was the cool guy. he was the lead singer of a band and got all the girls, while Josh was his dork stepbrother who worked at the cinema and liked magic tricks.

As fans, we love to imagine that on-screen BFFs remain best friends in real life too, so obviously people were pretty devastated by this wedding bombshell.

Fuck this. I’m choosing to ignore that this ever happened. Let’s just all remember the pair in happier times.