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Join us for a Christmas Day run

Be part of the new trend for burning pre-turkey calories

Join us for a Christmas Day run

“Running on Christmas Day has the same physiological effects as running on any other day of the year, but for many people, running is a habit acquired over an extended period of time,” says running expert Nick Pearson. “Allowing yourself to miss a week or two because of other commitments can break that habit, making it tough to get started again.

“There are certainly psychological benefits to running on Christmas Day. On a day that can be stressful, going for a run can give you some ‘me’ time away from from screaming children or visiting in-laws.

“Stepping out with your running shoes can also help you feel better about yourself and enjoy the day more. On a day of extreme indulgence, burning some calories and fitting in your run can allow you to tuck into that extra portion of Christmas pudding or cheeseboard, guilt-free.

“Finally, the endorphins released after going for a run can come in useful on Christmas Day – if ever there was a day that could benefit from an added energy boost, it’s 25 December. Running can also energise you, helping to avoid the commonplace early evening lethargy and snooze.”

Pearson is MD at Sweatshop; Run with us on Christmas Day @ShortList #christmasdayrun