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Watch JME interview Jeremy Corbyn about "the future of Britain"

They chatted housing, education and more

Watch JME interview Jeremy Corbyn about "the future of Britain"

A pretty broad mix of people have come out in favour of Labour during this election – not least a bunch of grime artists who are planning on throwing a secret party for people who have registered to vote. 

And now, in an interview for i-D, grime star JME has sat down with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to talk housing, education, and the future.

Talking housing, Corbyn said there was a “housing crisis in Britain” that Labour would seek to address.

“The worst symptom of the housing crisis is the number of people sleeping on the streets, but that’s a symptom, it’s not the whole story,” he said. “The real problem is that we’ve got in the big cities – London, Birmingham and elsewhere – very expensive private rents, working class families can’t get council housing, there’s not enough of it, the benefit cap comes in so they get forced to move out – so you get a kind of social cleansing, chain reaction.”

Corbyn also worries young people are being put off higher education because of potential debt.

“If talented young people don’t go to university, where are tomorrow’s doctors and engineers going to come from?” he asked. 

JME also posed the question of why people vote Conservative.

“They probably have a view that somehow or other they’re going to be – or their estate is going to be – protected,” said Corbs. “But we’re after making sure there’s opportunities for everyone.

“It’s about housing, it’s about schools, it’s about jobs, it’s about opportunities.” 

If that’s convinced you to give your vote to Labour – or to anyone else – make sure you can have a say by registering to vote. You have until Monday! Do it here! Go!