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Jeremy Corbyn is "drawing bigger crowds than any UK leader since Winston Churchill"

The man knows how to hold a rally

Jeremy Corbyn is "drawing bigger crowds than any UK leader since Winston Churchill"

If you only looked at the crowds amassed by the two main party leaders at their rallies, there would be one very clear winner.

While the polls suggest Theresa May and the Tories are probably on course to win a majority, Jeremy Corbyn looks to have run the election far closer than anyone could have expected – and has been speaking in front of crowd sizes that are almost unprecedented.

It’s been claimed that Corbyn has been drawing bigger crowds than any UK leader in decades.

Michael Crick, a Channel 4 journalist who has been following Corbyn on his campaign trail, has said Corbyn has “probably addressed bigger meetings in 2017 than any leader since Churchill”.

The crowd outside the Union Chapel in Jeremy Corbyn's home borough of Islington last night

Corbyn spoke at six rallies across the UK yesterday. He started in Glasgow before heading to  Runcorn in Cheshire, Colwyn Bay in north Wales, Watford, and Harrow in London, before addressing a raucous crowd at home in Islington, where hundreds of people were spilling out of the Union Chapel and into the streets. 

“He’s obviously different and he obviously has this ability to address rallies”, Professor Anand Menon, a lecturer in European Politics and Foreign Affairs at King’s College London told The Independent. “He’s attracted young voters… Among the grassroots in the party he’s inspired an energy that wasn’t there before.

“I can’t think of anyone else who has done it to that extent.”

He added on Labour’s campaign: “There’s absolutely no doubt that they’ve produced a pretty good manifesto that is enormously popular but I think it’s about more than that.

“He’s got that uniquely anti-politics element that is his calling card…he’s seen as being picked on, he’s seen as being attacked unfairly, there’s a bit of the underdog about him.”

Will this support turn into votes? We’ll have to find out tonight.