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James McAvoy has revealed how he *actually* managed to get so big

The 6,000 calorie story is nonsense

James McAvoy has revealed how he *actually* managed to get so big

I like James McAvoy, always have, ever since Early Doors (oooh look at me I know about his early stuff), and I like him even more now, because he’s got jacked. As such, I feel I can relate to him more - he’s in my club now. 

Me and the other big boys, lifting weights, maxing out the machines in the gym, being in blockbuster movies and getting paid millions of pounds - what a life we lead in the hallowed halls of the Palace of Muscle.

But how did he get so big? How did James McAvoy, the small boy from Band of Brothers, pack on so much chunk? Well, according to widely-circulated rumours, it was because he was eating 6,000 calories a day, much like I do every Sunday. However, he’s nixed this nonsense - he hasn’t been doing that at all. He posted on his Instagram:

Fairly definitive.

McAvoy, who is currently training for his role in the upcoming Split sequel, Glass, explained:

“The interview was done at the beginning of the year and me saying “I ate 6,000 calories a day” is inaccurate, was meant as a joke and is being widely used out of context.

“The truth is that this time around I gained more muscle weight and got leaner by not counting a single calorie. 

“We counted macros… I think probably a healthier way of tracking intake. I’m sure most people would never dream of copying the advice of some article/s on the internet about some actor but I know some would and I’d be gutted if they laboured under bad advice or worse yet seriously harmed their health.”

Essentially, he’s been training with a personal trainer (obviously) and counting macros, which are basically carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. A lot of effort, yes, but if you want to join our club, then hard work’s the name of the game.

Also, don’t count calories either, which I don’t, because I don’t need to, because I’m in the club.

Well, honorary member.

On the waiting list.

Have heard of the club.

I have made up the club.

(Image: Rex)