James Blunt and Ed Miliband are bantering on Twitter and everything's gone weird

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Dave Fawbert

James Blunt has been an absolute banter hound on Twitter for a while now – that’s well established. Embracing his position as a hate figure, he proceeded – against the advice of his record label – to abuse himself and be relentlessly sarcastic, to great effect.

But we think we speak for most people when we say that Ed Miliband getting social media sassy on us after being freed from the constraints of being Labour leader was not something we expected to happen.

Witness this response to George Osborne being named editor of the Evening Standard:

And this response to today’s Daily Mail front page about Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon:

Now, however, it seems we might have a reason for Ed’s sudden status as an online comedian:

Just what is going on here? How has this happened? How have these two suddenly become bestbanterbuds?

The world is a very strange place.

[Image: Rex]