VIDEO: Jackie Chan blew up a bus in the middle of London and almost caused a terrorist scare


You can understand Londonders getting ever-so-slightly annoyed about this.

Given the terrorist attacks in Paris just three months ago, and that unforgettable image from Tavistock Square on 7 July 2005, authorities were left to question whether giving permission for a film crew to blow up a London bus on a major bridge over the Thames was perhaps the wisest of things to allow.

The stunt on Lambeth Bridge was filmed for the movie The Foreigner: starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, one action sequence sees a classic red double decker getting the full treatment, as captured in this amazing video posted on the Lambeth Fire Brigade Twitter account.

There had been warnings, in the form of signs placed around the bridge and letters sent to residents, but many people who were not privy to this information were unaware of the exact nature of the explosion and immediately feared the worst.

Some Twitter users were far from impressed:

You can understand their annoyance, and yet it's very hard to know what else the film's producers could have done.

We'll let them off this time; after all, it was an awesome explosion.