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Jabba the husband

Love Hutts

Jabba the husband

In one of Jabba the Hutt's many sick fantasies, Princess Leia would have developed Stockholm syndrome and fallen head over heels for him, agreeing to his garbled proposal of marriage.

Helping to give this fantasy some serious weight, Peter De Seve has drawn up this artist's impression of how their life together might look. Look at the little Jabbas! Aren't they, ermmmm, cute?

Peter has also been enlightening us with another fantasy relationship. This time it's between Kermit and Yoda and it's easy to see why.

Apart from the whole mutual green thing, they're also a perfect personality combination. Yoda is a fountain of wisdom he is, while Kermit is an exasperated chap with a stressful job and a porcine stalker. While Yoda would provide him with some definite relaxation tips, Kermit would help bring some glamour to Yoda's grungey existence.

As you can see in the below image, from Peter De Seve, they'd their time together fishing in what looks like a swamp in Dagobah.

Oh and this might be how they met:

Muppets Yoda Auditionsby lmnoppp