It turns out Tech Decks are still around and these guys are too skilled with them


If you haven't kept up to date with developments in the Tech Deck world, don't worry - it's 2016, you've got stuff to do, your current phone is more powerful than your last computer and you're busier than you've ever been. It's hard to muster up too much enthusiasm for pretending your fingers are legs and doing little skateboard tricks. You'd be forgiven for assuming that fingerboarding had gone the way of the dodo. Or the Pog.

However, it seems the glamorous world of Tech Deckery is still alive, as evidenced by this genuinely impressive Taiwanese video, featuring eight expert fingerboarders doing their thing on a Lazy Susan cum tiny skatepark.

Despite being almost 100% sure that fingerboarding is a huge waste of time, we're extraordinarily jealous. Next time we go to a Chinese restaurant, we're likely to be really annoying. 

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