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It’s okay guys, the new Call of Duty actually looks a lot better than we feared

Don't let that first reveal trailer put you off - it looks amazing

It’s okay guys, the new Call of Duty actually looks a lot better than we feared
22 July 2016

Back in May this year, Call of Duty fans got really, really upset. 

It wasn't sparked by the usual news that gets gamers in a twist: no title had been cancelled or delayed; they weren't about to be asked to pay a subscription for a previously free service; no teenager had just insulted their mum on multiplayer chat.

No, they were sent into a downward spiral by the announcement of a new Call of Duty title: Infinite Warfare.

Why would a trailer annoy gamers?

This reveal trailer, launched on 2 May, soon became one of the most 'Disliked' in YouTube's history.

It's currently been down-thumbed 3,112,998 times - with a comparatively pitiful 469,000 viewers giving it the thumbs up. 

But it's time to turn that frown upside down

While that first reveal trailer didn't really stoke the excitement of Call of Duty fans, this latest Black Sky gameplay footage will definitely do the business.

Huge action sequences, fast-paced combat, stunning visuals - Infinite Warfare is looking every inch the Call of Duty title we were hoping it would be. 

And if you're still not happy, the remake of Modern Warfare should scratch your Call of Duty itch.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare arrives on 4 November