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ISIS Terror Plot To Kill The Queen In London

ISIS Terror Plot To Kill The Queen In London

ISIS Terror Plot To Kill The Queen In London
08 September 2015

News broke this week that two British born jihadist extremists were killed in a drone attack sanctioned by David Cameron last month.

It was the first time that a British drone has been used to kill enemy targets in an area where the UK Armed Forces are not directly involved in combat.

According to the PM the drone attacks were ordered to avoid several largescale terror threats in Britain, with the PM telling the House of Commons: “We took this action because there was no alternative… we were exercising the UK’s inherent right to self-defence.”

The targeted extremists included 21-year-old British-born Junaid Hussein and Cardiff-born Reyaa Khaan, also 21, both linked to a terror plot to detonate a bomb at the London commemoration to mark the 70th Anniversary of VJ (Victory in Japan) Day at the end of the second world war.

The event would have seen the attendance of The Queen, Prince Charles and other senior members of the Royal Family.

The pressure cooker bomb could have caused hundreds of casualties had the attack not been thwarted by MI5 agents. Another attack was also scheduled to happen during Armed Forces Day this summer.

Previously Khan appeared alongside another Cardiff extremist Nasser Muthana in a terrifying ISIS propaganda video, aimed at recruiting new followers.

According to the PM, the attacks were just two of six that have been planned and stopped by security services in the last twelve months, insisting that direct threat to the UK from ISIS was “growing”.

David Cameron has faced critiscim for authorising the attacks despite Parliament previously not voting in favour of military action in Syria. In defence of his actions he said:

“My first duty as prime minister is to keep the British people safe.

“There was a terrorist directing murder on our streets and no other means to stop him. This government does not for one moment take these decisions lightly.

“But I am not prepared to stand here in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on our streets and have to explain to the House why I did not take the chance to prevent it when I could have done.”