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The iPhone 7 Plus is much better than the standard for one big reason

The larger handset doesn't just have a better camera

The iPhone 7 Plus is much better than the standard for one big reason
12 September 2016

It's got 0.8 inches more screen. It's got a dual camera lens. It's got a bigger battery.

But there's another big reason you might want to consider splashing out on the iPhone 7 Plus over the iPhone 7 that Apple didn't tell you about: it's got 50 per cent more RAM.

"So what?" you probably ask. 

Well, RAM - or 'random access memory' - indicates the amount of thinking power a computer has; the more RAM you have to play with, the more information a computer can store and access at any given moment. 

The iPhone 7 has 2GB of RAM - more than enough to send WhatsApp messages and add filters to sunset photos. But benchmark tests are revealing that the iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB of RAM, which is massive.

It begs the question of why didn't Apple draw attention to this killer feature during its big reveal? Foremost, compared to the likes of dual lens cameras, RAM is boring. The new Plus also makes a lot of Apple's other hardware look a touch under powered: the iPhone 7 Plus has more RAM than the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, which also holds 2GB RAM.

If you're going to be wanting a smartphone that can handle a lot of app use, best consider picking the Plus. You can find the best deals here. Don't blame us if it stretches your pockets though.

(Images: Apple)

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