Incredible Street Art GIFs


GIFs, essentially slow motion animation, have so much potential for use, but have so far been mainly restricted on the internet to make moments of high hilarity - usually involving cats, or people falling off things; ideally cats falling off things - repeat endlessly.

However, in the hands of the right people, they can be incredibly effective artistic tools.

Two such people are the UK-based artist and designer INSA and street artist UNGA, who have teamed up to create these stunning street art GIFs, by painting over walls, photographing the result, and then repainting with a slightly altered design. Repeating the process and combining the stills creates these brilliant visuals.

INSA's website muses that, since most street art is consumed online now, rather than in its native environment, it makes sense to combine the two disciplines. Now, if they could do street art GIFs involving a cat falling off a wall, they'd really be onto something...

(Images: INSA)


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