If Political Leaders Were Game Of Thrones Houses


When you play the game of seats, you win or you die.

Sorry, not die. You lose majorities. You get the idea.

For the politically unaware among us, Parliament has dissolved (as in 'closed' - it's not been covered with an acidic solution) and the race is now on for the General Election on 7 May. Riffing on the forthcoming political show down with superb pop culture references, print and design company MOO has teamed up with designer Stacie Snoddon to rebrand the major political leaders as Game of Thrones houses - fighting for control of Westminsteros, if you will.

With redesigned sigils and cutting takes on party lines, the series is bound to gain further parallels when the featured leaders take to the stage of tonight's live television debates (ITV, 20:00 - 22:00).

Let's hope it ends with fewer heads rolling than the average HBO episode.

(Images: MOO/Stacie Snoddon)


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