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How to make a James Bond Vodka Martini, Ian Fleming style

This is how to make the iconic James Bond drink.

How to make a James Bond Vodka Martini, Ian Fleming style
Marc Chacksfield
30 September 2021

True fact: when writing the famous 'shaken not stirred' line, Ian Fleming sipped on a Martini specially created for him by the genius bar staff at Dukes hotel.

While the cocktail wasn't like what James Bond had in the movies, the bar has been serving up many delicious vodka martinis over the years and they are ridiculously good.

To sample the cocktail, we made like Bond and killed a man to get our mitts on a glass of the nectar (legal disclaimer: we definitely didn't).

Details on how to make it below.


  • Angostura Bitters
  • Dukes amber vermouth (or Lillet vermouth)
  • Potocki vodka
  • No 3 gin
  • Unwaxed orange


Place your Martini glass in the freezer for several hours until it is completely ice cold. Store your Potocki vodka in the freezer so your cocktail is chilled and refreshing.

Remove your glass from the freezer and gently add three small drops of Angostura Bitters into your frozen glass, so it lines the bottom.

Slowly pour 20ml of Dukes' amber vermouth on top of the bitters, until the mixture settles.

Pour 30ml of frozen Potocki vodka into your Martini followed by adding 50ml of No 3 gin.

Set your drink mixture aside and peel off the zest of an unwaxed orange.

Slowly twist the zest of the orange over your glass, while slightly squeezing the oil out of the orange at the same time. Carefully rim the glass with the orange peel before dropping into the drink before serving.

And if you fancy one made by the experts, then head to DUKES hotel