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Hugh Jackman's reaction to James Franco's Golden Globes win is absolutely priceless

Not very subtle, Hugh

Hugh Jackman's reaction to James Franco's Golden Globes win is absolutely priceless
08 January 2018

You know what has to suck? Being nominated for an award and then, live on TV, being told you haven’t won it. The done thing in such situations is to nod and applaud as graciously as you can, congratulating the person who won and waiting until you’re out of sight of the cameras to punch your agent in the face and turn the air blue.

People don’t always manage it - one of the greatest ever moments at the Oscars occurred when Samuel L Jackson was snubbed as Best Supporting Actor for Pulp Fiction, and let out a really loud, incredibly lip-readable “SHIT!”

Last night Hugh Jackman joined the ranks of people unable to conceal their disappointment when the eyes of the world are upon them. He was up for a Golden Globe for ‘Best Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy’ for his performance as P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman, but lost to James Franco as Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist.

Rather than the typical gracious nod, his face did this:

Hugh Jackman has a reputation as being an incredibly nice guy, so that grimace was probably just a split-second microexpression before a heartfelt congratulatory round of applause, but looking at his face there, it’s easy to imagine him suddenly becoming more Australian than ever before, downing a bottle of VB in anger, removing his tuxedo to reveal a vest and flip-flops, and leaning against a ute murmuring: “I swung on trapezes, he does a stupid voice and wins, this is nonsense mate” (insert copious amounts of swearing).

You can understand him being upset. The Greatest Showman was a labour of love that he spent seven years developing, and coming off the back of Logan was the perfect role to demonstrate his range - he can punch spikes through people’s heads but is also a Tony-winning song-and-dance man.

However awful Hugh Jackman might have felt in that one award-losing moment, when he looks in the mirror he sees Hugh Jackman looking back at him, so there’s a limit to how bad he could ever really feel, the big handsome charming buff dancing sexy James Bond-looking bastard.

(Image: Rex)