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How to show and earn respect

How to show and earn respect

How to show and earn respect
05 March 2014

Lara Pulver on how to show and earn respect

The star of Sherlock and Fleming (out on DVD on 10 March) on why you need a big sexy brain

“It’s wonderful when men aren’t threatened by women’s strength. We are in an age where women are excelling and it’s always wonderful when a man watches his lady with pride rather than it emasculating him.

“What things should a man never do? Lie. Or at least get caught lying. One attracts a partner in life depending on where they are at that time: I think your partner is your wonderful mirror to where you are at. Chemistry is also important, but respect is kind of the top of the pile for me when it comes to relationships. I guess what I look for comes back to Irene Adler’s famous little slogan: ‘Brainy is the new sexy’. I like someone I can learn from; an educated, passionate man.

“And I also don’t think you can give too many hugs as a man. I’m a big fan. Especially of men hugging their sons. In fact, if I were fortunate enough to have a son I would encourage him to hug everyone.”

(Image: Magnus Hastings)