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How to make a michelin-standard steak sandwich

High steaks

How to make a michelin-standard steak sandwich

There’s more to the perfect meat sandwich than simply introducing Mrs Cow to Mr Bread. John Torode, MasterChef legend (Wednesdays 9pm on BBC One), reveals the secrets behind the gastronomic delight.

“You need fresh, thick, crusty white bread, salted butter, fresh wild rocket, watercress and shaved Parmesan. Your steak should be rump and really thin so you can bite through it.”

“Put a griddle pan over a high flame for five minutes. Cover the steak with salt, pepper and vegetable oil. Put the steak on the griddle. If it doesn’t sizzle, take it off and heat the griddle some more.”

“Give it roughly 80 seconds per side. While it’s cooking, butter your bread, mix up your rocket and your watercress with the Parmesan and pile that on to your bread.”

“Put the steak on top, then the top slice of bread on that, then turn the whole sandwich over so the steak is now on the bottom. All the cooking juices now run into your lettuce, watercress and Parmesan. Slice in half and enjoy.”

Images: Rex