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How to gut a fish

There's no need to get all Bear Grylls over it

How to gut a fish

So you've read the title and thought, 'ha, why do I need to gut a fish, when the fishmonger/Sainbury's does it for me!' Yet, you're still reading? Why? Because, my convenience loving friend, deep down you know it's something that isn't in your utility belt of life skills, and that bugs you. So, sit back, relax, and read on as our good friend Mitch Tonks takes you through the basics.

1. Scaling

Get a bin liner, put it on top of your work surface with the opening towards you. Place the fish inside the bin liner, head facing away from you and take a blunt knife or the back of the knife and by holding on to the tail of the fish, run the knife away from your towards the head. Don’t press too hard otherwise you’ll rip the fish. Repeat on the other side and the wash any excess off.

2. Gutting

Lay the fish on the chopping board, head towards you, take a small sharp knife, and stick it in the fish’s bum hole, you’ll see it at the back of the fish. Get the knife in there, then just cut your way towards you in a straight line towards the head. Then open the fish up get your fingers in and pull out any loose gut. Then wash it under the tap.

3. Gills

Get your fingers under the red bits then give them a bit of a tug and they’ll come right out and then give the fish a good wash. Because they’ve got blood in them, if you roast or bake a fish it tends to taint the flavour of the flesh.