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How I did it...

How I did it...

How I did it...

Aspiring scriptwriter Adam Blampied, 25, lives in London. His script, Eugene, was one of four winners in the Four Stories screenwriting competition, in association with Intel.

The script took me four days to write and I only just got it in by the deadline. I was on a family holiday and just locked myself in my room with my laptop.

Eugene is a sci-fi comedy about a business traveler who gets an Intel Ultrabook delivered to his hotel room. When he types, it grants all of his wishes.

I love Futurama, The Simpsons and Doctor Who, so I would love to think it could sit along those types of shows.

I'm a big film buff and go to the cinema a few times a week - but this is the first ten minute short I have written and had made.

I also studied drama and write for comedy sketch group The Beta Males.

My advice to other aspiring writers would be, don't fear the first draft - they are often disappointing.

It's incredible to know that my script was approved by Roman Coppola and the panel of judges. I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan so knowing he has worked with Roman was great.

When I found out I had won, they told me not to tell anyone. I swore very loudly and told everyone I knew.

The next minute, we were in Washington DC, shooting for two days with director Spencer Susser, who helped edit the script to make the best of it.

It was surreal seeing everyone pouring all their energy into something I had written. It's rare that the writer gets to go on set, so I just sat in the corner trying to make sure I didn't get in anyone's way.

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