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House Of Cards is trolling David Cameron over his tax scandal

You really know it's bad news when fictional characters are making fun of you

House Of Cards is trolling David Cameron over his tax scandal

Frank Underwood is a man who knows a thing or two about doing what is necessary to get to the top - and stay there.

While the building scandal around David Cameron's tax affairs aren't quite up to the level of skullduggery that Frank's been involved with, it's still presented the Prime Minister with the biggest threat yet to his position.

You really know it's bad news when even House of Cards is trolling you on Twitter:

Of course, Frank is probably the man that Cameron needs to turn to right now, with the outrage growing around the issue of whether he benefited from a Panama-based offshore company set up by his late father Ian, which was revealed by the leak of the Panama Papers.

After three days and four statements denying that he benefited from the tax haven fund, he has finally been forced to admit that he did own shares in the fund, which he sold for £31,500 shortly before he became prime minister in 2010. However, as well as being highly controversial in itself, many are also demanding to know why he failed to disclose his interest back in 2005 when he first became an MP.

Meanwhile, the internet is doing its job by bringing up this old tweet by Chancellor George Osborne, who's had his own fair share of problems recently.

Bang right George. D'you want to get the handcuffs for Dave, or shall we?

(Image: Netflix)