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'Home Alone' with digitally added blood is truly disturbing

Kevin was an utter psychopath

'Home Alone' with digitally added blood is truly disturbing
13 January 2017

When you think about it, for a Christmas film, Home Alone – and particularly its sequel – is incredibly violent.

And while we laugh and point at the mishaps and increasing pain experienced by the hapless Wet Bandits as they fruitlessly try to outwit Kevin McCallister, we never really stop to think about the absolute bloody mess that they’d be in if they actually suffered the blows in real life. In fact, there’s no blood whatsoever in the film, obviously a decision made by director Chris Columbus to make the movie family-friendly.

Thankfully though, animator BitMassive, has decided to give us another Christmas present, in the form of four scenes from Home Alone 1 and 2, with added blood.

It’s weirdly traumatising, as is the use of ‘Merry Christmas’ at the end of each clip before the credits roll. It’s also brilliant.

Watch em all below, ya filthy animals.