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Hold on to your hair: Part two

Treatment advice from our grooming expert...

Hold on to your hair: Part two
09 August 2011

As I mentioned in Jim’s question about hair loss (See part 1), there are loads of ‘densifying’ treatments out there - it’s just a question of finding one that you can commit to on a daily basis.

Given that I begin my day by guzzling a handful of pills (an uncontroversial mix of multivits, antioxidants, glucosamine and enzymes, in case you were getting suspicious…), it’s been pretty easy to incorporate a nutritional supplement by Kérastase called Densi Recharge (£21.90 for 18 tablets; 0800 316 4400). The amino-vegetal complex and essential fatty acids to help bulk up thinning or lank hair; they also happen to make your nails grow like crazy (in which case, you should refer back to our essential manicure tutorial).

As for topical products, there are some over-the-counter formulas you can check out before turning to your GP for a hardcore prescription-only formula. Noteworthy shampoos include Lab Series’ Root Power, Adenogen by Shiseido and Alpecin (a caffeinated shampoo, no less). The latter even has a rather ridiculous website with a neurosis-inducing ‘baldness calculator’ and informative videos featuring a German hair specialist with a white coat and a fantastic accent. A lot of these shampoos will make it look like you have a fuller head of hair even if your follicles haven’t really sprung back into action.

A personal recommendation goes to Phytolium 4 (£36.95 for 2ml x12 vials from, a specialised and clinically-tested treatment by French brand Phyto. Application involves massaging a shot of the breakthrough botanical concentrate into the scalp three times a week after shampooing, which makes it high-maintenance but well worth the effort. It contains glycoproteins to stimulate regrowth and procyanidins to protect the hair bulb. Nanogen’s 4-step system ( is perhaps more tiresome to use – and involves an ominous looking ‘scalproller’ - but has shown some impressive results on my human guinea pigs.

Redken’s Intra Force treatment is starting to appear at salons nationwide (£39.95 for the home set exclusively from Redken salons; The follicle boosting treatment is followed by DIY home formulas that can be used over 30 days and have shown a 75 per cent increase in ‘fullness’. Targeted treatments for localised hair loss including alopecia can be purchased separately. Needless to say, neither of these intensive treatment options are for the ‘wash and go’ sort of chap and it’s unlikely you’ll notice a difference in under four month. So, as with all corrective treatments, learn to manage your expectations.

Another option to combat a thinning barnet is the ‘tactical’ haircut….

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