'I never wanted to leave the house again' - Hillary Clinton gives first speech since election defeat

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Emily Badiozzaman

In her first public appearance since conceding to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has laid bare how the devastating loss has affected her as she was honoured by the Children’s Defense Fund – where she began her career.

While we mere mortals tried to grapple with all the emotions that came after realising a misogynistic, racist reality ‘star’ was now ‘leader of the free world’, imagine how the person who was actually qualified to run the USA felt losing to him. Imagine losing your dream job to Donald Trump.

Well, Hillary felt like she wanted to “curl up with a good book and never leave the house again.”

Adding that “coming here tonight wasn’t the easiest thing for me,” and she continued:

“I know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. I am, too, more than I can ever express. I know this isn't easy. I know that over the past week a lot of people have asked themselves whether America is the country we thought it was.”

Cue genuine heartbreak.

But as she did in her concession speech last Wednesday, Clinton urged people that giving up is not good enough.

“The divisions laid bare by this election run deep, but please listen to me when I say this: America is worth it. Our children are worth it. Believe in our country, fight for our values and never, ever give up.”

Watch her speech below:


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