Hero weathergirl sneaks 20 Ghostbusters puns into a 60 second forecast


She came. She saw. She presented the weather.

There’s really no telling how 1984’s Ghostbusters would have sounded if scripted by British TV weather forecasters, but chances are it wouldn’t be quite as quotable as it is today.
But that’s not to say meteorologists can’t get in on the action ahead of the release of the all-female reboot, due in cinemas this week: Channel 5’s Sian Welby, who you may remember for her Force Awakens-happy weather segment, has struck again by sneaking in a wealth of Ghostbusters references into yesterday’s bulletin.

Managing to name-check everyone from Ray ‘Parker’ Jr to Chris Hemsworth, the swirling graphics adding to the spectral spectacle, she even manages to get ‘proton’ in there. To see how you'll have to watch the video below.

We counted 20 references overall, but see how many you can spot.