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Here’s how much everyone working on a blockbuster movie gets paid

And it's not great news for the Dailies Film Timer

Here’s how much everyone working on a blockbuster movie gets paid
08 June 2016

We all know what the megastars earn; those Hollywood A-listers who rake in multimillions per film and whose favoured leisure activities include burning £50 notes to keep warm rather than bothering to turn the central heating up.

But what about the people behind the scenes, all of those thousands of names you see in the credits at the end of the film (or don't, if you're one of those who jump out of their seat like they've been electrocuted as soon as the final scene finishes)? The 'little people' who all club together to make the magic happen? How much do they get compensate for their - often vastly superior - talent.

Well, you're about to find out as Vanity Fair has created this fantastic credits sequence showing the likely salaries of all of the people who would work on a $200m blockbuster.

The topline actors obviously do well, as do people involved in production design of special effects, but once you get into the small fonts, the money goes drastically downhill.

However, before you start to feel too sorry for some of the low-earners, bear in mind that they may have only worked a day or two - nice work if you can get it.