Here are the highlights from the insane Kanye Vs Wiz Twitter showdown

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Chris Sayer

What. The. Hell. Just. Happened.

Last night, while most of us were settling down to a relaxing pasta dinner, or catching up on our weekend telly, the greatest, maddest and most entertaining rap Twitter beef of all time was kicking off, and it was brilliant.

Kanye West, self-styled Messiah and owner of a perpetual frown, got completely the wrong end of the stick when Wiz Khalifa, connoisseur of marijuana and owner of plenty of tattoos, Tweeted this:

Quick to jump to conclusions, Yeezy immediately decided that the ‘KK’ referred to his other half, reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

It was then that all hell broke loose. 

A furious Kanye went on a 30-minute Twitter rant, actively and pretty impressively dissing everything about Wiz, from his ‘corny’ first single to his, er, trousers, all in the name of protecting his beau’s reputation. Here's a taste of the pure gold he produced:

Unfortunately for the College Dropout singer, he’d got it wrong. Really, really wrong:

 Realising the error of his ways, Kanye did then apologise for his error and systematically deleted his little meltdown.

But something even more outrageous was about to explode onto our feeds.  

Amber Rose, mutual ex of both rappers and mother to Wiz’s son, piped up with what can only be described as a NSFW look into Kayne’s personal life:

There's a number of lessons we can all learn from this incredible episode, but above all, it has to be that nobody, no matter how godly you think you may be, is more powerful and fearsome than an angry ex.


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