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Henry Cavill just proved glasses are good enough to hide Superman’s identity

Superman just shut you up

Henry Cavill just proved glasses are good enough to hide Superman’s identity

For a man used to getting changed in a phone box, Clark Kent has geek chic down to a tee. A really tight-fitting tee.

Furthermore, by managing to hide the fact he’s the world’s most recognisable alien with nothing more than a slicked-up fringe and pair of chunky frames, has anyone done so much with so few accessories?

Historically of course, nit-pickers have been only too happy to critique this ease of disguise, pointing out that while the likes of Bruce Wayne go to great lengths to hide their vigilante alter egos, including voice-changing and great rubber masks, Kent’s paltry disguise would never work in real life.

Well now those doubters have been silenced once and for all, because ahead of the release of Batman Vs Superman, Henry Cavill has posted a charming Instagram video proving exactly why glasses are, in fact, good enough to hide the identity of the Man of Steel.

Shot wandering around Times Square posing underneath giant billboards of himself, dressed in a Superman t-shirt to boot, not a single person appears to recognise him. Not one. Even in Starbucks, where he probably had to give them his name.

So there you have it: it’s not the glasses, nor because he’s not flying in mid-air radiating lasers beams from this eyes, it’s because all the actors who've played him are fairly bland-looking.

Which, one the one hand, is great for settling that eternal comic book debate. But, on the other hand, is quite sad for poor Henry. Watch his play-by-play action below.