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There's now a pill that'll cure your hangover

As if you needed any more encouragement to drink irresponsibly

There's now a pill that'll cure your hangover

Alcohol, which often gets quite a bad rap from scientists and psychologists and people who care about the health and wellbeing of those around them, is having a bit of a golden moment in the spotlight right now. Recent research seems to suggest, for example, that its clever painkilling qualities might make beer the best way to get over a hangover. So if you went too hard last night, drinking two beers might actually be better and more efficient than taking a paracetamol.

What this foolproof plan doesn’t take into consideration, however: the inevitable, knock-on hangover. The day lost to nausea, misery and existential dread, the disturbed night’s sleep, the frankly horrifying amount you realise you spent on fast food the next time you check your bank balance. 

But, lads, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can now drink incredibly irresponsibly with EVEN FEWER worries! That’s because a dude called Eddie Huai has invented what he claims is a pill that’ll almost entirely cure your hangover. 

The pill, which Huai has called ‘FlyBy’, apparently has an “88% satisfaction rate” amongst his customers because it’s so goddamn effective. 

The pill, which you can take either before drinking or just before bed, apparently works by breaking down acetaldehyde, which has been long-rumoured to cause many of the frankly horrific side-effects of alcohol. Vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, hydrolysate and more make up the rest of the concoction. 

“It breaks down acetaldehyde, which is 30 to 40 times more toxic than alcohol and basically kicks it out of the club,” said Huai. 

“Your liver can process about one drink an hour and this helps boost liver enzymes and replenishes nutrients that alcohol gets rid of.”

Is it fake? Maybe! Does it work? Who knows! Are we going to try it anyway? Probably!