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Hold on to your hair: Part three

The tactical haircut for thinning hair

Hold on to your hair: Part three
Danielle de Wolfe
11 August 2011

Our expert Ahmed Zambarakji's gives more solutions to hair loss conundrums:

When faced with thinning hair, men often resort to extreme measures: they either spontaneously decide to shave their heads or they waste time, energy and money coming up with increasingly ridiculous – and unconvincing – styling solutions, fooling themselves into thinking that nobody has noticed they’re sporting a sunroof.

While going ‘skin’ is a fearless and frankly rather badass solution (one which, if done early enough, will soften the psychological blow that comes with the progressivity of balding), not all men can rock a shiny dome without looking like they should be working the door at a neo-nazi convention. Going completely bald requires a certain head shape and bone structure in order to look good. Moreover, most guys have a scalp decorated with birthmarks, war wounds, scratches, bumps and lumps which, when exposed, will only draw more undue attention to the area.

The solution, as with most things in life, involves finding a middle ground. Instead of impulsively taking a razor to your scalp, invest in the services of a top-notch barber who will be able to graduate your hair so the thinning parts around the crown are less noticeable. This kind of tactical cut require some skilled scissor work so you’ll have to do a little better than a £6 job at Mr Toppers. Do not under any circumstances try to compensate for loss with a ‘directional’ messy style, a combover or a blow dry. You are not fooling anybody. Keep it clean and simple, especially at the sides, where hair has a tendency to grown outwards into a square-ish shape.

If you’re a young guy who’s been lumped with premature (and most likely hereditary) loss, then get your Fight Club on and try a buzz cut. An all-over grade 1, 2, or 3 works especially well if you’re losing hair at the crown and hairline. Again, this military look is hard to pull off if you don’t have the right head shape and strong facial features but, if you’re blessed in those departments, a buzz cut is the perfect way to solve your problem while making a fashion statement. Just make sure you have the swagger to pull it off.

Shaving your head can be a very liberating experience but it’s not for the fainthearted – it will completely change the way your face looks and, consequently, the way in which people will respond to you. Remember to inspect your scalp first too.

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(Image: Rex Features)