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A map of England, according to Google autocomplete

London is awful, Surrey is ghetto but, would you believe it, Bristol is not trash

A map of England, according to Google autocomplete

In news that in-no-way-whatsoever risks fanning the flames of a post-Brexit Civil War among little Englanders, a brilliantly amusing map has been posted to Reddit, describing all of England’s counties as per Google’s autocomplete function.

Its findings – generated by typing ‘[County] is’ and observing the most popular result – are hilarious, but also rather enlightening; a quasi-social experiment into the cultural stereotypes surrounding certain areas.

Oh, and it also reveals just how dense certain web users are, considering the most popular search term for Somerset – a county – is: ‘Somerset is in what county’.

The full facepalm-yet-funny list is below. Brace yourselves, Gloucestershire citizens.

Cornwall is: boring

Devon is: the best place to live

Somerset is: in what county

Dorset is: beautiful

The Isle of Wight is: dog friendly

Wiltshire is: near London

Bristol is: not trash

Hampshire is: on a hose pipe ban

West Sussex is: where

East Sussex is: in England

Kent is: a city

London is: awful

Surrey is: ghetto

Berkshire is: undervalued

Gloucestershire is: a dump

Oxfordshire is: overrated

Buckinghamshire is: posh

Hertfordshire is: posh

Essex is: crap

Suffolk is: the best place to live

Cambridgeshire is: better than Oxford

Norfolk is: holidays

Bedford is: boring

Herefordshire is: in Wales

Worcestershire is: flooded

Warwickshire is: in what country

Northamptonshire is: my school closed

Rutland is: small

Leicestershire is: famous for

Birmingham is: a dump

Shropshire is: Welsh

Staffordshire is: where

Cheshire is: posh

Derbyshire is: crap

Nottinghamshire is: better than Derbyshire

Lincolnshire is: boring

Cheshire is: posh

Merseyside is: the best

Manchester is: better than London

South Yorkshire is: in what county

East Riding of Yorkshire is: the best

West Yorkshire is: crap

Lancashire is: better than Yorkshire

Yorkshire is: better than Lancashire

Cumbria is: boring

County Durham is: ghetto

Tyne & Wear is: it a county

Northumberland is: missing

(Pic: iStock)