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Ghosts have sex in woman's house

Strenuous paranormal activity

Ghosts have sex in woman's house
Danielle de Wolfe
02 November 2011

We all know that ghosts are good at making things move, possessing people and banging walls but, according to a woman in the US, they're also prone to a spot of sexual healing.

The completely not attention-seeking Dianne Carlisle, of Euclid, Ohio, claims that two ghosts have been enjoying some after-life loving in her house.

"It look like, like ghosts having sex in my living room!" she told Fox News. "They are having sex, you can see the lady's high heeled shoes!"

Carlisle claims that her granddaughter captured them in the act on her phone. It's not the first time that ghosts have plagued the house as several years ago, she was "visited" by a ghostly little girl.

If you don't believe her then watch the video below. It totally proves everything.