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George Osborne has got yet another job and Twitter is having a field day

George Osborne is your dad now. And your delivery man.

George Osborne has got yet another job and Twitter is having a field day

Where does George Osborne find the time? 

The former Chancellor has added yet another job to his weighty portfolio, becoming an honorary professor of economics at the University of Manchester.

The job is the sixth Osborne has collected since leaving the Cabinet last year, adding to his roles as an adviser to investment management firm BlackRock and chairman of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership.

He’s also a fellow at US thinktank The McCain Institute and a speaker for the Washington Speakers Bureau, for which he is paid a handsome fee for after dinner speeches.

Oh, and there’s the small matter of being the editor of the London Evening Standard.

Basically, George Osborne has a lot of jobs. Probably all earned on merit. His LinkedIn is very healthy, you should look to connect with him. 

For now though, let’s enjoy some Twitter jokes – because there’s nothing the British public enjoy more than taking the mickey out of a politician. 

There was a lot of talk that Osborne might take your job next...

A few celeb spottings of George in his other secret jobs...

A couple of comments about his constant overpromotion.

A lovely comment at how George juggles all his roles.

Oh, and then there was this little pearler.

And this disturbing mental image:


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