The 11 funniest GDPR tweets, because it's better to laugh than cry

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Dave Fawbert
The 11 funniest GDPR tweets, because it's better to laugh than cry

The emails asking you to opt in or out or shake it all about are ramping up ahead of Friday’s deadline

Will the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation to its very, very few mates - emails ever end?

It doesn’t currently feel like it, with one after the other landing in your already groaning inbox, boring you to death about how the laws are changing and you need to opt in or something and, honestly, I’m boring myself just writing about it.

There’s just no let up and, if anything, they seem to be increasing in frequency as this Friday’s deadline looms and panicky firms, who have no idea how exactly they’re supposed to comply, are just deciding to go with the herd and chuck an email out in the hope it’ll get them off any impending fines.

Of course, as we wrote this week, it turns out that most of those GDPR emails are actually completely pointless - but we’re getting them nonetheless, so we may as well make the best of a bad situation and make some jokes on Twitter about it.

And these are the best. Enjoy the GDPR-related laughs while you still can… 

And some last minute bonus entries…

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