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Dave Grohl invited a Foo Fighters fan on stage and they absolutely nailed a guitar solo

This is absolutely joyous

Dave Grohl invited a Foo Fighters fan on stage and they absolutely nailed a guitar solo
Tom Victor
24 April 2018

We’ve all had dreams of being invited up on stage by our favourite band and being handed the mic to sing in front of an adoring crowd.

There’s no real pressure when you’re singing – you can be a little out of time, or get the words slightly wrong, and people might not even notice.

We’ve seen some great examples, like the fan who rapped ‘Legend Has It’ during a Run The Jewels set, but it’s nothing compared to performing the instrumental part.

That’s something you can’t really bluff your way through, but one Foo Fighters fan wasn’t going to let his opportunity go to waste.

During a Foos set in Austin, Texas, frontman Dave Grohl spotted a man in the crowd holding up a sign which read ‘Monkey Wrench’.

Well, we say ‘spotted’ – he could barely have missed the guy, named Yayo Sanchez, who was wearing Kiss makeup and even got introduced by Grohl as ‘Kiss Guy’.

He might have taken the easy route out just taking the vocal part, but no – he was handed a guitar by Grohl, and even had his own pick with him, as if he’s always prepared just in case he gets called up on stage.

He never looked like he was going to freeze under the pressure, but even the band members can’t have expected it to go this well.

You might only get one chance to play in front of such a huge audience, and Sanchez, who has jammed with big names and played smaller venues and festivals in his own right, wasn’t going to waste it.

“That was definitely the best day of my life, hands down,” he toldKvue, adding that he’d learned the chords to ‘Monkey Wrench’ just a few hours before the show.

Indeed, his display was so good that, at the time of writing, he has an audience of an extra 2.2m people on YouTube plus countless others elsewhere online, while his own music will have reached new fans off the back of this.

One YouTuber also commented: “So stoked to see this! Yayo was an assistant at a make a band camp I was in about 10 years back. He was an amazing guitarist then and clearly still is.”

We doubt this will be the last time we hear the name Yayo Sanchez.

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