Flight attendants share the most disturbing things they’ve ever seen on a plane

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Dave Fawbert
Flight attendants share the most disturbing things they've ever seen on a plane

Flight attendant: it’s one of those jobs that at first seems impossibly glamorous - travelling the world, flying the friendly skies - and then becomes gradually more mundane - you don’t actually get to see much of the world other than airports, and after United Airlines’ antics earlier this year, the skies are not as friendly as they used to be.

And, also - weird. People don’t behave normally on flights, do they? In the words of one attendant, “some people seem to shut off their brains when entering an airplane”.

The world of Reddit got a taste of just how weird flying can be when a thread was started, which asked flight attendants to reveal ‘the weirdest thing you have encountered while working on a plane’ - and, naturally, there were some fascinating/terrifying answers.

Read on for the best bits, and watch out for turbulence…

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