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If you’re really good at 'FIFA' you can now coach it for a living

Reckon you're good enough?

If you’re really good at 'FIFA' you can now coach it for a living
Tom Victor
16 February 2018

Job titles in the 20th Century were pretty straightforward. Doctor, lawyer, teacher… easy to get your head around it all.

But we’re living in the future now, and there’s nothing to make you feel more out-of-touch than a quick glance at some real job titles that exist in our not-at-all-confusing world.

You know the sort of thing: a YouTuber (YouTube itself didn’t exist until this century), a social media manager (same goes for Facebook, Twitter and the like), or one of those pilots who flies over the Emirates Stadium with a Wenger Out banner (look, it’s basically a full-time gig these days, even if Wenger’s been there since the ‘90s).

But now we’ve got another one to add to the list: FIFA coach. And no, we’re not talking about real-life football.

If you’re a football fan and a gamer, chances are you’ve spent hours playing EA Sports’ FIFA series, and/or one of its competitors.

If you’re really good at the game, you’ll have been killing it at Ultimate Team mode, but you’ve probably spent a bit of cash making your way to the highest level.

Well, now there’s a chance to make some of that money back – and then some.

Bidvine is advertising for FIFA coaches, with the chance to earn £15/hour or more, having already successfully done the same with the Call of Duty series.

That’s a nice extra bit of pocket money at the very least, while there’s every chance some of the best will be able to spin it into a full time gig further down the line.

To apply for the job, you’ll need to be playing in Division 1 on Online Seasons or Ultimate Team, and you’ll need to provide proof with a photo of yourself side by side with the division in which you’re playing.

You’ll be able to work remotely, giving players advice over the phone or over the internet, and coaches will be able to set their own prices.

Bidvine is the middle-man, introducing players and coaches (there’s also an application form here for those looking to hire a coach).

That means you can sign up to get someone to help you improve your game and give you a better chance of beating your online opponents, or – if you’re really competitive – just get someone on board to help you show up your mates next time they’re over for a FIFA night.

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