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Fast X early reactions revealed - this is what the critics are saying

The final Fast is here and it's as spectacular as you expect...

Fast X early reactions revealed - this is what the critics are saying

Fast X is out this month, the final-ish movie of a sprawling franchise that has burrowed into the public conscious, thanks to its constant push to outdo the previous entries.

First up: this Fast X early reactions article comes with a warning. There are absolutely no spoilers in the early critic verdicts we are highlighting below. But the web and, more specifically, Twitter is awash with big - Huge! Massive! - spoilers right now.

This is a real shame, so we thought we would warn you away for searching out reactions yourself! In short: we've been burned so you don't have to.

Now, on to the main event: Fast X is the final chapter of the Fast and Furious franchise. It was initially going to be split up into two movies, but now it looks like they are making a trilogy out of the finale.

This is complete overkill but, then again, this is The Fast And Furious - a franchise that started off about illegal car racing and ended up in actual space.

Here are what the critics are saying in their early reactions to Fast X - some likening it to Avengers: Infinity War and others saying it's the worst of the Fast movies yet!

To steal a pun from a former colleague, you all better Fast X your seatbelts...