Exploding ice cream


If talk of an exploding Magnum has you fearing for the safety of the moustachioed Lord himself, Tom Selleck, fear not; Selleck, his fearsome facial fuzz and his collection of lurid Hawaiian shirts are perfectly safe.

Magnum ice creams, on the other hand, are not. In a crafty advertising campaign to promote its new range of liquid-filled ice creams, Magnum has decided to blow up its tempting treats.

London-based photography duo Diver & Aguilar are behind the stunning set of images. The award-winning team used a cunning box of tricks – including detonators, small explosives and lots of high-speed trigger and flash photography – to capture the shots, and despite wishing the ingredients had been deposited in our belly, we can’t help but be impressed by the results.

Although if the sun does finally start to shine this summer, there’s no way we’re blowing up our Magnums. Just saying, like.

For more of Diver & Aguilar’s award-winning work, avert thy gaze here.






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